Volunteer With Us

Volunteering In The Redcliffe Community

The Redcliffe Community Bus for Disabled or Aged Inc is a not-for-profit organisation, so we are always looking for volunteers to assist us with our operations in order to continue providing the service. We always need volunteers to accompany the shopping, library and outings as helpers or bus drivers. Committee members are also sought each year and business mentors are particularly welcome, in order for the organisation to grow in the future.

Volunteering With Us

As many of our members are disabled and/or elderly residents, Redcliffe Community Bus Helpers must be physically able to assist members onto and down from a bus. You will also be required to carry bags of shopping or library books from the bus to the member’s door. People with experience working with the elderly and/or with first aid qualifications would be particularly welcome. The time commitment would be one trip weekly or fortnightly or as a relief volunteer.

Bus Drivers

Volunteer Bus Drivers must have a valid LR, MR or HR licence and have or be able to obtain a Queensland Transport Authorisations for G&S. The time commitment is one or more bus trips a month with our members, or with nursing homes or community organisations hiring our bus. For more information or to begin volunteering with us, please ring the office on 3284 6429.

Our Policy

The Redcliffe Community Bus for Disabled or Aged Inc. will operate as a not for profit organisation with a philosophy of service to the Members, through volunteering as the core principle on which the Redcliffe Community Bus operates.
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